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Non student adult application(for all Clerk Positions)

Student Application (for full time high school or college students)

Student Assistant (page) – WCPL will have one opening for a high school or college student beginning July 15, 2020.  This person should be at least 16 years of age and a full-time high school student who can work a few evenings per week from 4-8 and EVERY Saturday from 10-2.   College students attending VU or online colleges are welcome to apply – additional working hours may be given to you depending on your school schedule.  Please note that this position is not ideal for someone in a lot of extra-curricular activities (like sports).  We do not work around sports schedules but will accommodate occasional academic events (school trips, SAT testing, prom, etc).


We do offer M.L.S students unpaid semester internships.

If you attend Oakland City University we offer semester internships for you in the areas of communications, marketing, history, accounting, human resources, and technology! Please contact Elaine Pauw at OCU!

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