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Friends of the Library- Next meeting is Tuesday, 01/09/17 at 5:30 at the library.

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OCTOBER 10, 2017

The Friends of the Library met in the large meeting room of the library at 5:30 pm on Tuesday October 10, 2017.  The meeting was opened by vice-president, Janet Goodwin.  There were 16 members present.

The minutes of the July 11, 2017 meeting were read.

Treasurer’s report was given by Pat Reinhart.


The Fall Book Sale was a success. Several new members assisted with the sale.  FOL also had assistance from the Community Corrections with the lifting and moving of the books.  Several sacks of paperback books were donated  to the jail for the inmates.  CASA also took several children’s books for their program.

The new sound system is installed that FOL purchased for the library and is being used.  The staff will have instructions on its usage.  Jeff Gumbel ordered and installed the system for FOL.  The new system has dual microphones, both with a head sets and clip on, that will allow two presenters to each have a microphone.  There will be two speaker panels—one in the large and one in the small meeting rooms.  This will allow two programs to be given at the same time.  Audio from other sources such as the TV/DVR will be able to be sent through the new system.

Membership status:  There are 157 members.   The  goal for 2018 will be 175 members.

New membership fees were discussed.  The fees have not been raised since FOL was founded in March of 2000.  The new fees are:  Individual $10, Family $15, Group $20 and Corporate $50.  Membership forms will be sent with the letter announcing the annual meeting in January.


The Arts and Culture programs by the library have had good attendance.  Members are encouraged to support this program.

Rick Chambon, Adult Outreach, reported on the upcoming Arts and Culture programs.  He also suggested that FOL could sponsor a program on estate planning that would benefit the library.  Bank representatives and/or attorneys could be contacted for a program about annuities and bequests.

The Winter Reading program will be a split session starting in mid January 2018 and concluding the end of February.  The theme will be jewelry and is set up to add sparkle to the participant’s winter.  The non-fiction book will be “Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and how Desire Shapes the World” by Aja Raden.  The fiction book is “Murder She Wrote:  The Queen’s Jewels” by Donald Bain.

Rick suggested that a fund raiser could be a trip to the Speed Museum in Louisville for an exhibition of “Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism”  He will continue to pursue this outing for spring.

The theme for Summer Reading will be French.

The slate of officers for 2018/2019 are as follows:  President:  Janet Goodwin,  Vice-president:  Michael Cavanaugh,  Secretary:  Marylou Gotwald,  Treasurer: Lynn Goodwin.   Three at large board members will need to be added.

Important dates for 2018 are the meetings on January 9, April 10, July 10 and October 9.  The book sales will be May 3,4,5 and October 4,5,6.

Members were reminded of the Library’s Christmas Open House on Tuesday, December 5.  There will be a table set up for FOL memberships.  Members were encouraged to attend and assist as needed.

The next meeting will be the annual business meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 5:30 in the library.  Membership fees will be due at that time.  A letter and membership form will be mailed to all members prior to the meeting.

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PPT of Informational Meeting from 8/29/17

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For a copy of the Powerpoint (in PDF form) from the Informational Meeting concerning the Washington Library’s service area for 2018 access please click HERE to view the PDF.  If you have any questions please email or call the library director and do not rely solely on media for all facts.

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